Ethan McTague

The SX-64 Keyboard Cable

On EBay, replacement keyboard cables for the Commodore SX-64 can run around $20-30 before shipping costs are added in. Understandable for such an old and obscure item, right?


The SX-64 Keyboard cable is actually an ever-so-slightly modified version of a common connector: A D-Sub DB25 connector, used for older serial and parallel ports. In particular, it uses a male-male DB25 cable with an angled connection on one end, and (according to some sources) the metal sheathing of the connector removed on the other end. Some of the pins are also missing on both ends, but apparently, these don't need to be removed for replica cables to work correctly.

The total cost of parts needed to recreate this cable is approximately $3 - A regular DB25 male-female cable (because male-male cables are way rarer) and a small male-male adapter. Simply trim the sheathing off one half of the adapter piece, connect it into the female end of the cable, and you should be good to go.

An Update

It seems I misunderstood the steps needed for this - the plastic sheathing around one end of the connector need to be trimmed down, not the metal around the connector part. This is to permit it to fit. However, this is a tricky procedure - I couldn't trim it down properly.

Wednesday, May 01, 2019 at 03:13 PM
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